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About us

Our mission

Investment Reports is a boutique media company run by seasoned analysts with experience working across six continents. Our mission is to generate authoritative, objective and useful reporting for business leaders around the world. We publish 100% original content based on exclusive interviews with business executives, government officials, and industry experts. Working with the world’s most prestigious media outlets, we specialize in accessing cutting-edge information to shape the future of business.

In an age of booming internationalization, widening options and an inflow of data and information, having the right source of information at the right time can be the stepping stone to the next successful business decision – IR is here to provide exactly that.

Core Values

To highlight investment opportunities worldwide, through in-depth, timely market reports.

To generate authoritative, objective and useful reporting for business leaders.

To connect industry leaders and facilitate targeted networking.

Our Team

Irina Negoita - Co-founder

Irina is an international market analyst with over 10 years of experience across several geographies, and writing for renowned publications including Newsweek, Oil & Gas Investor, POWER Magazine, S&P Platts, UBM, or IHS Chemical Week, among others. She holds a BA in International Affairs and Communications from Vesalius College in Brussels, and an MSc in Crime Science from UCL in London.

Sorina Dumitru - Co-founder

Sorina has a rich international career and has done business across 4 continents: Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. She has conducted research and interviews with business leaders in a multitude of regions and cultures, leaders whose views are shaping today’s global markets. She is an expert communicator, writer and marketing consultant, and has graduated from Law and Project Management.

Ignacio Louzan - International Business Journalist

Ignacio’s years studying at the highest level have given him a fine eye for market analysis and reporting. He is an avid researcher and reader in all things market related, as well as a precise and eloquent writer. Ignacio holds a bachelor’s degree from King’s College London and a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford.

Konstantin Tumanov - International Business Journalist

Konstantin’s multidisciplinary outlook is formed by his international study and work experiences, ranging from diplomacy to economic research. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from King’s College London and a Master’s degree in European studies from KU Leuven.

George Clarke - Project Director

George has 14 years of international business-to-business experience, including 10 years in Dubai. He has worked in various industries, including automotive, motorsport, sustainability and fashion, directing teams across the world. George has a charismatic personality and in addition to work is a rally driver and avid golfer.

Lewis Hart - Project Director

Lewis has been working to connect international business leaders together for over 5 years, working as a consultant and in cybersecurity. Lewis holds first class degrees from King’s College London and the University of Oxford in mathematics and computer science. 

Julian Issa - Sr. Director - Emerging Technologies

Julian spent his 20s initially as a semi-pro opera singer before working across six continents as a journalist, consultant and director in the consumer, smart and industrial tech industries. He was founder & CEO of tech-startup fethr before its acquisition in 2023. Away from Investment Reports, he advises three startups and croons occasionally.

Libby Jennings - Project Director

Libby has 6 years of International business experience covering Asia and Europe alongside the UK. The key corners she has worked within have been Oil & Gas, Tech & Aviation with a passion for people and grit to get the job done. Libby enjoys new cultures, CrossFit, aviation and most importantly Thai food!

Andra Avram - Operations Manager

Andra has office management, multitasking and organizational skills, having worked in the media and publishing industry and event organization. She has studied Business and International Affairs & Human Resources Management at the University of Cluj.

Cesar Chavez - Communications Manager

Cesar is an international communications manager, specialized in information technology and company engagement. He is an expert communicator and helps coordinate our teams through online and in person interviews around the world. He has a contagiously positive attitude and energy. Cesar keeps abreast of geopolitical news in his spare time and is an avid lover of tacos.

Flavia Negoescu - Art Director

Flavia is an established graphic designer with over ten years of experience in advertising, television and social media. She has extensive experience in video production, post-production and motion graphics. Flavia has been educated in Advertising and Public Relations, as well as Cinema Studies.