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Anabel Kindersley
CEO & Owner
Neal’s Yard Remedies

13 November 2023

How has the journey with Neal’s Yard Remedies been since taking over in 2006? 

Neal’s Yard Remedies, a brand founded on the belief of inner and outer health harmony, has been a well-being pioneer for over 40 years. Since our acquisition in 2006, we've upheld these principles, merging our passion for organic living and natural health practices with the brand’s legacy. We’re steadfast in proving that businesses can prioritize ethics and sustainability, placing people and planet before profit.

As advocates for organic living, we’re not just business owners but customers who have experienced the transformative impacts of Neal’s Yard products first hand. Our mission is an amalgamation of ethical business practices, quality organic products, and a commitment to overall wellbeing. Our growth trajectory from small beginnings in Covent Garden to a global brand is testament to the universal resonance of these values.

What have you balanced achieving ethical, social, and financial bottom lines?

Our journey has seen the expansion of Neal’s Yard Remedies from a small Covent Garden business to a global brand present in 27 markets. We were the first health and beauty brand certified organic by the Soil Association, a testament to our commitment to organic and ethical practices. Despite these accomplishments, challenges, especially related to managing an ethical supply chain and a global brand, are inherent.

Operating an eco-factory, being intricately involved from the seed to bottle process, and navigating disruptions caused by global issues like the pandemic, have been significant challenges. The impacts of climate change, governmental policies, and international conflicts have compounded these. Yet, the collective effort and resilience of our remarkable team enable us to navigate these waters, affirming that challenges, though persistent, are surmountable.

How did you manage to uphold your values of community and authenticity while the market was not yet ready for such progressive ideas?

For nearly two decades, it felt like we were swimming against the tide. We staunchly adhered to our principles of authenticity and community, even when they weren’t the prevailing norms in the business landscape. Our perseverance wasn’t a marketing strategy but a firm belief in ethical and sustainable business practices. We’ve maintained our commitment, and today, it’s gratifying to see the tide turning in favor of these values.

We’ve always believed in the power of collaboration and community, in 2011 we successfully lobbied the UK government alongside Greenpeace and Flora & Fauna International to #BanTheBead. And currently, I’m leading a coalition of 105 British businesses and organizations to #StandByBees, calling on the government to cut the use of hazardous pesticides and promote nature-friendly farming in the UK. Despite the inherent challenges, the growing alignment of businesses towards ethical and sustainable practices heralds a promising future. We are not alone in this journey, and the growing coalition of like-minded businesses amplifies our efforts, turning challenges into exciting opportunities for transformative change.

How have customer trends evolved, especially in the context of self-care and awareness of product ingredients?

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a pronounced shift towards self-care, a trend we anticipate will continue to ascend. Consumers are increasingly discerning, not just about the efficacy of skincare and wellbeing products but also about their composition and the ethical stance of the brands behind them. The quest for transparency, trust, and efficacy has never been more prominent. This has positioned Neals Yard Remedies at the forefront, a brand synonymous with trust, honesty, and transparency.


Our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices is not just a commitment but a journey of holistic integration.


Every product is a melody of therapeutic benefits, a harmony of efficacy, and ethical congruity. From the intricate formulation processes in our eco-factory to the final, ethically packaged product, every step is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical, sustainable, and effective skincare and wellbeing solutions.

What challenges and achievements have marked your journey, and how do you navigate them?

Navigating the transformation from small beginnings in Covent Garden to a global brand has not been without its hurdles. We’ve confronted and continue to face a myriad of challenges including the complexity of maintaining an ethical supply chain and the intricacies of global operations. The impact of global issues and conflicts amplifies these challenges. However, the synergy of a formidable team and a shared commitment to our ethos has been instrumental in steering our ship through these tumultuous waters.

In the midst of these challenges, milestones of triumph have been significant. We were the pioneering health and beauty brand to achieve organic certification by the Soil Association, an accomplishment that underscores our relentless commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Today, we remain an epitome of ethical standards, with a score of 100 out of 100 from the Ethical Company Organization. These achievements, punctuated by our steadfast commitment to organic and ethical practices, are testaments to our unwavering dedication to fostering wellbeing and ethical business practices.

What are your plans for the future and your message to your audience, particularly in the US?

As we navigate the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, our conviction in purpose-driven purchasing remains unwavering. The beauty industry’s gravitation towards sustainability should not be a trend but a foundational ethos. It's a journey we’re committed to, and we invite everyone to join us. We are optimistic about the beauty industry’s future; it’s a narrative of collaboration, ethical congruity, and a collective journey towards sustainability and wellbeing.

Our brand narrative extends beyond the acclaimed streets of London; it’s a global dialogue of ethical and sustainable wellbeing. To our audience in the US and across the globe, Neal’s Yard Remedies is not just a brand but a testament to the harmony of ethical business practices, effective skincare, and wellbeing. We are rooted in a philosophy that transcends the aesthetic allure of beauty, delving into a holistic integration of wellbeing, ethical business practices, and sustainable engagement with our planet.

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