Daniel Popa
Country Manager
Reynaers Aluminium

05 July 2021

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European developer of aluminium solutions for windows, doors, sliding systems, curtain walls etc. The company is present in over 40 countries at an international level and has been present in Romania since the early 1990s.

Reynaers Aluminium has an impressive international footprint, how relevant is the Romanian market for the overall business?

It is very relevant if we consider the region of Eastern Europe, in fact we are the biggest presence in this area, alongside countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia etc. Romania has also a great potential to grow.

What opportunities stand out for a company like yours here in Romania?

There are two major opportunities we count on: firstly, the growth of the construction market as indicated by the latest statistics of 5-10% each year, and secondly the qualitative increase of these types of constructions, which is very important for a company like us that offers premium products to its buyers. 

The Romanian tendency is for better, higher quality materials, products that offer higher longevity. Developers, as well as clients, are becoming more and more knowledgeable in this field. For example, we launched a new system of sliding doors last October and we’re already implementing it in a Romanian project (Crown Towers). It's safe to say that innovation is now quickly accepted and implemented by Romanian developers.

Congratulations on bringing this innovation to the market so quickly. What do you think motivated the developer to integrate this modern solution?

In this specific case we dealt with a developer that was very open-minded. We gave a demonstration comparing the new and the old systems, so he could see the differences. The new sliding doors are 30% more efficient and he understood this right away. Money wasn’t the deciding factor, he opted for the new door system simply because it’s better and brought more value to his project.

You have been at the helm of the company for 15 years now, how did you witness this transition towards high quality products? Would you say it was fast-paced?

Having easier access to information, our clientele understood more and more the importance of quality products. The market went from replacing PVC with aluminum, to a whole new level of work. As time went on and things progressed, our clients now ask many more questions when building their project. They understand the fact that by investing a little more into quality materials the overall quality of their construction will also rise exponentially, hence obtaining much better value for their buildings.

Nowadays there are also certain norms and standards enforced by EU policies, so we as well as they must follow them. Every building receives a specific class in accordance with the materials and methods used to build it. These classes are getting higher and higher as we progress so better materials are in order, which motivates developers to invest more.

Reynaers Aluminium was in fact recently awarded for its innovative capabilities. Can you expand on what helped bring home the prize?

Working in the construction business makes people think there is not much room for innovation. However, this business is an exciting merger between innovation and technology like most other fields. As I mentioned before, the quality of all buildings is rising and newer standards are getting approved by the year. Because of this, innovation has become an important aspect for our company. As a matter of fact, we own the largest private development center in the whole of Europe, based in Belgium. 

You work in many different segments (office, residential, logistics, and so on). Which of these generate the highest demand presently in Romania?

Last year we worked mostly on the office and residential side. At the moment, about 40% of our work is in the residential segment, 30% in the office segment, 20% in retail and only about 10% in warehouses. We expect growth especially in the residential field, but the other segments show good prospects as well.

Are you content with this split or do you plan to grow in specific fields?

We usually grow more than the market. For instance, in the residential segment there is significant growth because many buildings and houses need renovating using the latest methods and materials. Also, since people's wages have increased, they are looking for ways to improve their houses and are open to exploring the products we offer.

We've been talking about "high quality", can you please explain what makes aluminum a better choice when compared to other materials?

There are certain criteria that we should look at when choosing the main material. Thermal isolation and durability are both priorities and aluminum delivers excellent results on both levels. Taking the example of doors, we usually test them for a cycle of 1 million openings. They are extremely durable.

Switching our focus towards the future, what are you looking to achieve in the coming 2-3 years?

Our main goal is to grow our presence in this region. As of now, we opened 3 new showrooms in Romania: Timisoara, Iasi, and Cluj-Napoca. We’re planning to open another one in Constanta. As I mentioned earlier, it’s very important for us to show clients how different products compare. This goes hand in hand with our intention to communicate and educate the market, so that developers understand why and how to implement the best and latest technologies in this field.

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