Traian Halalai
Executive President

12 August 2019

EximBank is a specialized financial institution, actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment. Its specific financial instruments are dedicated exclusively to the corporate segment.

How important is the energy sector as a client to EximBank in Romania, and what role do you see the company playing in the sector in the future? 

We are talking about an essential domain of Romanian economy, the energy sector is therefore a strategic priority for EximBank as well. We do have a high interest in the companies active in the energy field and the long-term policy of the bank is still focused on supporting the projects that ensure obtaining energy from renewable sources as well as projects of high energetic efficiency funded by non-reimbursable funds. 

We already have the successful experience of several partnerships with companies in this field and the significance of our role  in the development of this segment has been constantly rewarded by various organizations - recently, EximBank has received the Prize For Financing The Energy Sector during the eight Gala of the Energy CEO Forum & Awards. 


Geographically speaking, from where is the majority of investment into Romania’s energy industry coming?

We are living now the globalization at its fullest therefore the geographies almost cease to exist, a perspective that I found extremely applicable to the energy sector. Romanian energy industry  has a privileged position and may play an important role in the region and not only. This is the reason I found it relevant to focus our attention on the major progress made by companies with Romanian capital especially, for expanding internationally during the last years. We do have Romanian entrepreneurs involved in complex energy projects outside the country and EximBank is one of the preferred financial partners due to its capacity to structure complex financial facilities. 


Which are the main sectors of the local energy industry (eg. production, distribution) that are looking for financing?

As mentioned, EximBank is especially concerned with companies that are active in manufacturing and that add value in the economy, especially the exporters. But the validity of the proposed financial projects is the main feature that we look at when we consider entering in partnership. 


How are you developing your service offering to the energy sector based on the trends you see?

EximBank is still a pioneering force in Romania in terms of structuring facilities for complex energy projects implemented by Romanian companies abroad. We are looking forward to other banks that will follow our lead and will offer financing for Romanian companies willing to have foreign business in their portfolio, especially considering the support that EximBank may offer as Romanian export credit agency. 

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