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Launched in October 2022 in Newsweek

19 July 2022

Investment Reports is preparing a special study on how the world is decarbonizing, that will be featured in Newsweek’s October edition, reaching a quarter million readers in print and over 100 million digitally. It will feature voices of key government officials and executives from renewable energy, oil & gas, mining, technology, supply chain and other key services. 

The Report in a Nutshell

Companies across the globe find themselves in a race against time to meet green targets. Following COP26, over 90% of world GDP and around 90% of global emissions are now covered by net zero commitments. Accessing key raw materials, growing pressures on supply chains, and global economic challenges amplified by Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, are only some of the obstacles faced by businesses today. Companies are juggling a tight rope to uphold the global networks that rely on them. A successful combination of intelligent, human-centric and green approaches is the needed formula for human triumph. 


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