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RESinvest Conference 17-18th May 2022, Bucharest

28 January 2022

RESinvest conference 2022 is the premier event that will bring together EU Commission leaders, national government authorities from across Europe and wind and solar industry bright minds in a common call to action: attracting and developing a robust renewable energy supply chain in SEE, and capturing the immense economic opportunity that comes with it.

As clean energy capacities are growing multifold throughout Europe, the supply chain is increasingly under pressure, and SEE must play its part in rendering it more efficient – RESinvest is about how to meet this demand.

There are two main reasons for an inevitable industrial RES near-shoring to SEE. The first is the EU Green Deal pushing an unprecedented second wave of wind and solar energy investments in the region by 2030. And the second is a simple equation of time and money, with OEMs and producers looking for functional markets to bring their business to in order to shorten equipment delivery times and keep pace with overseas competition. Our distinguished guests will shed light on both, from offering a clear investment forecast, EU & national financial mechanisms, to which subsegments of the value chain are poised to set off, not in 2023, not in 2030, but NOW!




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