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Stephen Timms
Sigga Technologies

26 October 2022

You assumed the CEO role at Sigga Technologies in August 2022. What is your core vision for the company moving forward?

I joined the company in January 2022 and assumed the role of CEO in the summer. We had to reaffirm our mission and vision, to create what I call our ‘north star’. When Warley Borges founded the company 20 years ago, he created an environment to improve efficiency and effectiveness within enterprise asset management, while actually changing the experience of the end user technicians as well. We wanted to ensure that we brought corporate value to the real-world experience. Keeping a humanistic intent in what it is that we create, rather than just driving profit. This became the north star that has led us to a highly differentiated product. 

Could you run us through your flagship product?

Sigga Technologies has 20 years of industry experience working with larger asset intensive businesses. Our core audience is large companies, but our total addressable market stays pretty broad. Q1 2022, we released a new platform that takes our industry experience in building applications for this market. Sigga EAM Empower is an enterprise-ready, mobile maintenance solution to replace SAP paper-based processes and improve maintenance effectiveness. Our customers develop and make changes for themselves under a no-code platform. Our goal is to captivate the market with this and empower customers to have faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership.  

How are you driving growth for Sigga EAM Empower? 

We are taking EAM Empower to our early customers, showcasing the capability and proving scalability of the tool before moving on to the next phase. We will then move into ‘enhance’, where we will start adding on more capabilities -- customer wish list items, to continue the incremental value gains for our clients. We are focusing on North American growth at the moment but will continue to trade around the world. We also have many large multinational business customers in Brazil, such as Petrobras.

How is the technological landscape evolving within your industry vertical?

Perception is changing regarding technology and ESG.


In terms of equipment, companies are switching into product-as-a-service business models. This is a trend that is occurring everywhere and drives much higher value for the product vendor, as well as a much better experience for the customer.


We now have a connected stream of outcome-based-results, as opposed to, “I purchased my machine that produces widgets and if it breaks, it ends production, and I must angrily call somebody”. Now it is: “if it is not producing widgets, I am not paying”.

How has the service industry been evolving as we enter the green transition?

The service industry has been taking a deep and meaningful approach to ESG, and we are here to help support them through full savings and efficiency gains through better planning and scheduling. In this way, you can have more people travel less to perform more work, for example. As we move towards digitization for these kinds of organisations in their field service, we also remove paper. One of our customers is saving 10,000 sheets per year, and we have saved over 7 million sheets of paper out of one of our clients.

What will Sigga Technologies be focused on in this growth phase?

We genuinely care about our customers driving value in their organisations. Our North Star is really about getting half a dozen launch customers that are happy with what we do. We have proven that they can scale to many 1000s of technicians with our new SaaS-based software. It is a maturation that we naturally need to complete. We are working with our initial large customers on this, but once we have done that, we will be in a great position to continue our expansion. 

We will be able to offer customers and partners an opportunity to build their own intellectual property using the platform, whether or not they choose to monetize it and share it with others. This has incredible value, especially for those who want to be more altruistic. 

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