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Investment Reports is a B2B publication covering key business sectors across Europe, such as energy, real estate, automotive or aerospace. Research is conducted on the ground, by spending 3-6 months in the country of focus and conducting face to face meetings with business executives, government representatives and industry experts. The reports themselves are distributed internationally and are meant to educate the global business community about the state of the industry, investment opportunities and notable challenges.

While the company’s HQ is in Romania, the jobs involve travelling to and working in: Poland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Baltic States, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine etc.

Operations Manager
We are looking for a full time administrative and operations manager to take charge of our day to day functioning and support our teams. This is a great opportunity for an independent, flexible and well organized individual, keen to grow alongside us!   About You Our company is young -...
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International Sales Representative
We are looking for an ambitious, resourceful and personable sales person to accompany our researchers and aptly understand the branding and marketing needs of business community leaders - matching them with our targeted service offering!   About You Our company is young - founded in 2019...
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International Business Journalist
We are looking for a talented writer/interviewer/researcher to really delve into the industries we focus on and bring out of every meeting and every report high quality business journalism for the world to read and feel engaged with!   About You Our company is young - founded in 2019 -...
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