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Latest report - 01 July 2021

Real Estate in Romania & Poland 2021

Comparative Market Evolution | Office, Retail, Industrial & Residential | Financing & Legal Aspects | Construction & Services

Welcome to the 2021 edition of Real Estate in Romania & Poland Report, which dives into the complexities of the two most exciting destinations for investment in CEE. The insights captured are the result of six months of research and interviews with more than one hundred investors, developers, consultants and key service providers in the two markets.

Three decades after the fall of communism, and with a mosaic like architecture, Poland and Romania are still rebuilding, reshaping and modernizing their infrastructure to keep up with increasingly sophisticated demands from their populations. From this comparative analysis, Poland’s headstart does emerge (and is visible enough through its skyline that will boast Europe’s tallest office building as of this year), offering a mirror into Romania’s future. But the latter also stands out as a hidden gem, previous weaknesses surfacing now as clear strengths.


Guest Writers: Alexandru David (Head of Research, JLL Romania), Maxime Otto (Senior Consultant Capital Markets, JLL Romania), Tomasz Stasiak (Partner, Wolf Theiss), Flaviu Nanu (Counsel, Wolf Theiss)

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