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Latest report - 10 September 2020

Celebrating 70 Years | ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA

70 Years of bilateral economic relations between Austria and Romania.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA opened its office in Romania on the 1st of May 1950, marking the occasion to proudly publish and present this 70 years anniversary book to you. The early establishment of their office in Bucharest shows the close economic and cultural relations between Austria and Romania, especially as Bucharest was the 5th office to be opened after Paris, London, Rome and Frankfurt. Nowadays ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA operates over 100 offices worldwide.

The book “Celebrating 70 years” summarizes the main achievements throughout this period, the historical evolution and current infrastructure that supports trade, commerce and investments between Romania and Austria. Likewise it profiles dozens of key Austrian investors, such as OMV Petrom, BCR/Erste Bank (two of Austria’s largest global FDIs of all time), CA Immo (the 2nd biggest real estate developer in the country) and many others. 

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