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Latest report - 25 October 2022

Pillars of the Green Transition 2022

Renewable Energy | EVs | Technology | Raw Materials

Critical junctures marking the end of a global era do not happen often. Today, there is substantial evidence to affirm we are approaching one. Governments and companies are facing the consequences of the U.S.-China trade wars initiated in 2018, coupled with the blows of Covid-19. In addition, an inflation-ridden outlook, supply chain disruptions, and the race to combat climate change has led them to juggle survival needs with costs and sustainable choices. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and no crisis comes without an opportunity.

In this report, leaders from North America, Europe and Singapore discuss how they are spearheading the green transition through technology, innovation and the will to be a part of the circular economy.


AUTHORS: Elisa Iannacone, Ignacio Louzan, Silvia Sambugaro, Andra Avram, Irina Negoita, Sorina Dumitru.





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